Finding my Way by Ann Wood

2013    23 inches x 28 inches x 1 inches

This mixed media painting describes my path from the farm where I grew up to the world I have found as an artist today. I have walked a path, with my light, and found others like myself gathered like birds on a plant. This girl is prepared to join in with the birds by straping on her own wing. She makes this journey in the dark of the evening when the sky is filled with majic. Wearing her traveling clothes, she is ready to hear the fluttering wings of the birds she illuninates. 

The figure is made of wood with relief carving and rounding to the edges. The background is made of many layers of handmade paper that is ripped and cut into pieces. This figure is carefully painted with additional texture created with colored pencils which gives the whole painting the feel of a story book from long ago.