Portrait of Dean by Ann Wood

2010          36 inches x 27 inches x 2 inches

How do you capture the likeness of the one you love? This piece is my attempt to do this very thing. I'm around Dean every day. I needed to step back and think about the pictures in my mind that describes his spirit as I know him as an artist.  I see him as an explorer down in the depths of the murky waters surrounding himself with the tools of his trade. The gritty lava rock symbolize the struggle of making art and the bust was part of a sculpture he was working on at the time this painting was made.

The background is the reverse side of a piece of handmade paper with hundreds of sewn and beaded thread dots. All of the figures are cut from wood and delicately rendered with paint and colored pencils. This painting is filled with texture. The brown form, almost coral like, is constructed from tinted sand and glue. All of this reflects my great interest in historical textiles such as picture quilts and detailed hand sewn items. 


dean portait 500_edited-1.jpg